Exam instructions

Please carefully read the Requirements, Rules and Instructions of the online examinations.


  1. Latest Google Chrome web browser (Version 55.0 OR above) click here for latest version
  2. A stable internet connection.
  3. Workstation (Laptop or Desktop) with Windows 7.
  4. An external Webcam installed for invigilation.


  1. Paper will be conducted according to Pakistan Standard Time (PST).
  2. It is mandatory to place your external web camera at such a distance that your face shall remain visible along with the surroundings throughout your Paper duration.
  3. For attendance, student must report to their Invigilator 15 minutes before the start of each paper.
  4. Your Student ID card must be within reach and shall be mandatory to dispaly during paper.
  5. Internal webcam shall not be acceptable under any circumstances.
  6. Web camera must remain switched on during paper duration.
  7. There will no rescheduling of exam as per policy. Therefore you have to ensure to attempt your exams within the schedule.
  8. Paper can be attempted on specified dates. After due date zero marks will be graded in unattempted paper(s).


  1. Pop-ups must be allowed/unblocked in your browser. (How to unblock pop-ups )
  2. Javascript must be enabled in your browsers. (How to enable javascript)
  3. Your browser must allow cookies. (How to enable cookies)
  4. Disable antivirus and windows firewall before the start of your paper.
  5. Uninstall proxy software (i.e Hotspot shield, Spotflux, Ultrasurf etc.) from your computer/laptop. This may create problems during paper.
  6. Do not configure webcam with other application (like Skype, google hangout etc.); otherwise your paper will not be considered as attempted.
  7. You will not be allowed to continue your paper if you go offline at any time during your paper.
  8. You MUST keep checking your VCOMSATS email regularly for updates.

Note: In case of any problem faced during paper IMMIDIATELY report to your invigilator or call at
+92 51-9259406-8, +92-51-8354444

Recommended Camera position:

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